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Mammon's Mystical Manifestation Candle
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Mammon Candle*
Mammon's Mystical Manifestation Candle Summary

Mammon's Mystical Manifestation Candle

This dark and powerful Spell candle was cast in concert with Lord Mammon as a manifestation candle, to be burned while you are doing a manifestation spell or working. Burned on its own it fills the room with abundance energies, uplifting and transforming natural energies into prosperity vibrations. Yet it also has a dual purpose - it can be used in ritual to connect with Lord Mammon’s powers of manifestation customized to your particular desires and dreams as you are doing focused work on your goals. 

As you work with and burn this spell candle, having focused it on your goals, it influences and empowers your ability to get to your goals. 

We have provided a ritual you can do to powerfully attune your spell candle to your particular goal. As you do this ritual, you will be working with the energies of Lord Mammon as inherent in the magick he infused into the candle, and you will also be working with a planetary energy specific to your goals. Your work in the ritual attunes the energies of the spell candle towards your specific goal, and the Planetary Magick Square becomes charged as a powerful talisman, through which specific energies are then channeled through, focused and attuned on your particular goal.

We do encourage you to buy one as your 'Master Copy' and then use a copy bag to transfer it on to another candle of your choice.  That way you can buy it once and work with this spelled candle forever, whenever you desire.  

If you don't have your own copy bag, check the options above when you check out - you can purchase the candle alone, or bundle it with one of our Demonic Copy Bags.

Our Demonic Copy Bags are simple to use and have 3 main functions:
Copy a spelled item
Transfer a spelled item
Transfer a demon from one vessel to another

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