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Self-Discipline Mastery Tool With Emergency Black Flame Habit Buster
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Self-Discipline Mastery Tool With Emergency Black Flame Habit Buster Summary

Self-Discipline Mastery Tool With Emergency Black Flame Habit Buster


Self-Discipline- there are times when a boost of dark magick is just what we need in order to make headway in the goal of true self-mastery.  Thats where this magickal tool comes in. Demonic magick cast upon two vessels, this spell is designed to work both actively and passively for you in support of your desires for mastery and discipline in the chosen areas you are working to change.  While simply having the demonic magick cast upon the black tourmaline in your possession will provide a generous and all-around boost to your energies in the area of self-discipline, motivation, determination, and successfully achieving the goals you set for yourself, you can also actively work with it on specific goals.

The Demonic Spell Cast On the Vessel of Black Tourmaline

Enhances self-discipline, and the ability to make healthy choices for delayed gratification, self-mastery and self-control, strong support and push towards making positive and healthy decisions in practice of self-mastery, and enhance clarity of focus through transitory, illogical, impure emotional/thought packets.


Self Discipline  is the ability to prevent making choices and acting in ways that you will regret. This magickal naturally enhances self-mastery and awareness, through the increased clarity it brings it is also a great aid for focusing and successfully and effortlessly pursuing your goals and tasks to completion.  

It helps get you out of the self-defeating negative feedback loop that prevents so many from moving away from self-destructive habits and behaviors, and gets in the way of success in pursuit of goals.  It acts as a pattern interrupter which helps stabilize the ability to behave the way that you want to behave.  It rebalances your energy so that you are no longer influenced by the negative patterns, cycles, and feedback that you are working on breaking free from.

The Self-Discipline magickal acts for its keeper in a powerfully supportive way - carrying it on you is best, but it also works well if you keep it in your home.  For times when you need it to be most active, it is best to keep it in your vicinity - if you are away from home the majority of the day, its best then to bring it with you as you are actively working on your self-discipline and mastery goals.

The Demonic Magick Cast on the Crystal Wand Emergency Activator:

This is cast with a powerful magick to provide emergency tool that can be used for active prevention of unwanted behaviors, should temptation arise during specific goals you are working on mastering with self-discipline.  Though once you have brought hoe this magickal, magickal the number of times you may need to use an emergency habit-busting tool will naturally decrease, it is there when you need it for additional support, energy, and also motivation to do what you want to do.  

Often times, when busting one habit, like quitting smoking, another one will rise, like overeating.  You can use the emergency habit-busting wand to work with defeating the secondary behavior before it becomes another self-defeating bad habit.

The Crystal Wand is an emergency activator. Used with code word provided it will activate the enspelled energy which rises out of the wand, surrounds the offending thought/energy packet, segregates it and allows you the clarity to make the healthy choice, over time continued use of this magickal encoded with a special black energy will help to burn off the unhealthy habits with the black flame of transmutation.

There is another code word activated function of the crystal wand. Just as the first code word is used to stop a negative behavior and free your mind from it in the long term, the second code word is used to release a drive of magickal energy enspelled for MOTIVATION, to help START a self-disciplined behavior that you are procrastinating. It provides a magickal surge of motivation, an energy surge which ignites a chain reaction in your mind allowing ease of focused action to be taken towards the desired goal/behavior.

Both items can be used passively by leaving it in your altar and allowing their energies to flow through your house, or you can meditate with them, holding the wand in your left hand and the tourmaline in your right hand and allow the energies to flow through you and help to strengthen your self-discipline in general or in your chosen area.

If you have any questions regarding this magickal, please let us know..

~ High Priestess's Akelta, Yllidra & Satyra

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Ladies of The Demon Temple. Thank you so much for making this Magickal. I was very impressed with the quick delivery time to Australia. The items I received were exactly as pictured. Having had them for a while now, I must say am very impressed. I have been struggling with self-discipline in two different areas of my life, one with a minor addiction, the other with not taking certain actions that are beneficial. Since receiving the Self Discipline Demon Crafted Magickal, I have now reduced my use of the addictive substance to almost nil. Only once in the past fortnight instead of four times daily. I have also taken the positive action necessary to really propel myself forward in a new endeavour I was procrastinating with. It hasn't been totally easy, but I am feeling the power and influence. It is just amazing to me that such a big difference has been achieved. I highly recommend this item to anyone with similar struggles.
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