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Lord Uphir - Third Eye attunement, activation and cleansing.
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Lord Uphir - Third Eye attunement, activation and cleansing. Summary

Lord Uphir - Third Eye attunement, activation and cleansing.

Third Eye Attunment, Activation, Cleansing and Holistic Sugery 

A Powerful Working With Demon Lord Uphir (Hells Surgeon)

"A message from the priestesses of Demon Temple"

We are very delighted to have the honor and the privilege or working with this power and skilled Demon Surgeon who has shared with us his knowledge and insights into the Third Eye and has taught us the Third Eye Attunement, Activation, cleansing and Awakening Working.  

This powerful working targets the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical components of the Third eye for a complete well rounded holistic working.  

This working carefully goes deep into your third eye opening up your abilities and enhancing and awakening your natural skills and talents, while cleansing and repairing damage that daily life and wear and tear causes on the thrid eye.    

What Lord Uphir shows us was Transformational

We are born with natural abilities, over time and with the stresses of life we forget our abilities, close them off, shut them down, repressed them under doubt and fear, and block them out closing our third eye.  But they are there, they are just sleeping, waiting to be rewakened.  

This working, gifted to us but Lord Uphir, target the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual components of the third eye and works to open up your abilities, reconnect you to your natural gifts and help you expand and develop your own confidence and skills.  

Phase One - An assessment of your mind, brain and your third eye and how they are connected and what is actually happening.

Phase Two - A complete cleansing and massaging of the Pineal glande, Lord Uphire works a soothing energy to relax and and remove toxins from the pineal glande and allowing it to heal and return to it's natural working state.

Phase Three - Awakening the Third Eye - removing film and gunk that is blocking it and letting the true beautiful energies of your eye awaken. This portions opens and allows the energy of your third eye to expand and begin to gather spiritual energy for translation.

Phase Four - Bridging the connection between the third eye and the brain. Having an open third eye is no good unless the energy is flowing and you can begin to learn to interpret it.  Everyone's abiity to connect is different some people will naturally pick it up others need some work.  This part of the working allows the pyshical pineal glande and the spiritual energies to work together so that the mind can beging receiving messages and signals and translating them.  This will help skills like hearing, sensing, seeings and also developing such talents as astral vision.  It is very important.  


This working gets you back in touch with your natural gifts.  Lord Uphir has connected given us this amazing gift of awakening and cleansing the third eye to take human psychic evolution to the next level.  We are entering a new phase where the world of the unseen is powerful and influencial, we all have natural gifts, we just have to realize them.

This working is designed to Help us reconnect with our spiritual selves and embrace our natural gifts of the unseen.


What does this working do?

Reconnects you Natural Psychic Sensese - Uphir tells us that too often the link between our pineal gland and the energy received by the third eye which are signals from the spiritual world are detached.  A healthy pineal glad is an important step, but much like a healthy eye that has been severed from the optic nerve, if no signals are going through, how can messages be received?  Uphir anazlyes and scans the connection between physical pineal gland and energy thiird eye and works them to begin communicating with each other and understanding what is happeing. This reconnect you to your essence and your own natural gifts.

It will Enhance your Natural Psychic Senses -  Priestess Yllidra felt a wave of calmness wash over her during the working and said that her natural abilities to hear her spiritual companions had increased.  She was aware of conversations going on around her with them and said it felt like someone had turned up the volumn on her hearing. Your natural talents will awakens and strengthen your skills. This working helps you to receive clearing messages from the spiritual world. 


Opens the Door to Developing New Abilities - We are designed with abilities of connection to the unseen world. We are a spiritual being having a human experinece, so naturally the spiritual world is a part of us.  We just forget.  The beliefs of this world cause us to forget out own greatness and shut down the energy centers that allow us to embrace these realms and see what is beyond the veil.  When our mind and psychic eye are working together and the core components are activated we have to ability to expand our skills and learn new ways and methods of communicating and working with the world of spirit.  

Communucation with the Spiritual World is Strengthened - We are beigns of spirit and energy,  as we have gone through life we each have differnet methods which we use to connect, hear and work with our spiritual companions.  When our energies are in alignment and flowing freely, open and unblocked we can see and embrace the spiritual compnent to our lives.  

Lord Uphir has agreed to do the working -  Lord Uphir is the Surgeon General of Hell, he does not just work with anyone and when he reached out to us we were honored and excited for the journey that we were about to undertake with him.  He truely has blessed our lives in more ways than one. He persoanlly asses each client and says that no two workings are the same, for each person required specialized adjustment suited to them.   

Your eyes will awaken to spiritual sight -  The eyes have the power to perceive what is going on and the spiritual energies surrounding you, they just need some practise at being able to register those energies.  Imagine being able to see your spiritual family walking around and interacting with each other and going about their daily activities.  This working can open this ability to develop in those who are unaware of it, and if you already can it can greatly increase the details you perceive in your surroundings.

You can develop and evolve skills like astral vision, astral hearing and astral sense -  Mediation improves and also your ability to journey and explore the spiritual world.  Astral vision is a powerufl tool that can be used to see into the realms of your companions,  see people from a distance and explore and discover many things about the spiritual world from the comforts of your own homw.  By awakening and learning to use this ability you can accelerate your spiritual development and make powerful alliances and connections which will help you on your journey.


Channels of communication with the spiritual world will open - Everyone has different talents and abilites to connect with their spiritual companions. Some peopel can telepathically converse with the, others use communucation toold like a quija board and pendulum.  Other have powerful lucid dreams where they are accompanied by their companions.  All spiritual gifts including divination will be enhanced.  You may even awaken and discover abilities you did not know existed.  

All abilities like Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Telepathy, Channeling, Astral Vision, Automatic Writing, Download Writing, and Clairvoyance are Enhanced - Any natural psychic abilities, whether developed or not, will increase with this powerful working.  Overtime as your mind adjusts to the new energies and you heal and step into your new power you will notice just they will increase even more.  Like anything though you need to practise and use your abilities, this is why Lord Uphir has created exercises to help you on this journey and to work your talents and skills, mastering them and lcontrolling your powerful skill.    

….All this and much, much more.  You are a unique spiritual being and this is a uniqeu working tailored to your individual third eye needs. 

From one of our clients...

""Okay, it's been two days now since I got the Uphir working from demon temple and I'm feeling freaking fantastic. I've had motivation issues pretty much my whole life, always beating myself up for being a lazy moron and not having the motivation to do what must be done, but when I woke up today I was just hyper motivated, more than I've ever really been before...and this is on 5 hours of sleep. The report I got has this line: "Lord Uphir pulled out an interesting creature" . I've not got a reply back yet about that but one can only assume it was some sort of third eye parasite, and I would not be even remotely surprised. I had this thing that was super potent as a kid that would always implant ANY thoughts and images into my head that would weird me out or make me feel uncomfortable in any way. I never saw it, but could feel it's effects. I called it "voicehead" and really hated it. I wonder if the thing they pulled out was "voicehead"? There was sludge all over the third eye where it was barely see-able, so this thing was probably mucking everything up for years. I don't know how connected the third eye is to motivation, but with the thing gone for two days I'm now hyper motivated, as I said, and it feels freaking awesome.

Thank you Akelta, Satyra, and Yllidra!!!! =D""

~Validus Blackfire


Who is Lord Uphir

Lord Uphir is basically the Surgeon General of Hell.  A Great Demonic Physician.  He is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the demons and specializes in healing and matters of heath and wellness.  He is a master of the health sciences and understands health in terms of biological, cellular, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels.   He says our medical system treats problems by poisooning it, but the end result is the same, you are poisoned.  Just becasue one poison cures does not mean is does not poison another.  

He says it is lucky we only live 80-100 years if we are lucky and that is what our system is based off of,  not health and wellness, but prolonging and slowing the disease down untill we reach an age where dieing is acceptable.  

He anlyzes and studies biology and pathology and health.  He says the body is a machine,  machines break, especially when they are abused.  If you have a car and you never change the oil or get it repaired, well that car is not going ot last very long.  But if you take care of the car, get it repaired and checked up, change the oil your car can last a while.  Human Vessels are machines like that,  they need to be taken care of and there is a balanced approach to their health.

He truely is an amazing Demon and we have been very honored getting to know him and work with him.

If you are ready to take the next step in your psychic evolution,  then this working is for you.  

~Priestesses of Demon Temple
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Life changing!
If you are looking for something to aid in your psychic development, this is a great starting place! Having this working done, with some effort on your part, will aid in your psychic Abu,irises. First off, the working will be done. After the working, you are provided a detailed write-up that sort of explains how the process went and where your trouble areas were at. This isn't a "physical" surgery, but done with energy on the astral level. You don't need to worry about "major" side effects either (at least in my experience). After the surgery, and contemporaneous to the write up, you'll receive a book of exercises that will aid you in being able to develop your senses. This is a must. I'm not saying you have to do it with military precision on a strict timeline or all will be lost, but simply that you too must put forth some effort. If you do, the results are amazing! In my case, I began to have more vivid dreams (with meaning), and began to "feel" energies easier, as well as sense my companions. It's only been a few months, but this event really marked the beginning of my psychic awakening, and I can't wait to see where it goes! My thanks goes out to the ladies of S&S and Uphir for providing this service to me!
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