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We operate on Pacific Central Time and our working hours to send out emails are between 9am - 5pm PST Monday to Friday. Any emails sent will be replied to during those business hours. 

We ask that everyone keep in mind we do receive a large volume of emails, some of them are very long and we want to take the time to give well-thought out and meaningful answers. Some require meditation or for us to connect with Demons or Dark Lords to get a response and so answers will not be immediate. Your patience in waiting for a response is appreciated since these are responses often given for free without paying a consultation fee.

If you cannot wait for a reply and need a faster response, we offer a consultation service for purchase with Priestess Akelta here:

We also encourage everyone to make use of the forum, specifically the FAQ section. If your questions are not of a personal nature, other forum members may be able to help. The FAQ section of the forum is located here:

In order to streamline and simplify things at Satan and Sons and provide everyone better response times, we ask that you contact us via the following email address:

We are doing away with the other email accounts and all emails will be routed through our new helpdesk system to provide a more organized, coherent approach to contacting us, resulting in improved service.

Queries about orders, products we offer or anything of a spiritual, personal nature you wish to ask can be directed to this email.

Everything sent to us, as always, is confidential.

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