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Satan and Sons Layaway Program. 

Satan and Sons does offer layaway and payment plans for those who cannot buy out the listings.  We want to help people find perfect demon companion matches and so we offer payment plans to help you bring your demons home.  We are really flexible with them and really like to work with people to match them with their perfect demon companions.  

We do like to customize them so that they fit the lifestyle of the one paying for them and don't cause them stress.  Usually we take a down payment followed by monthly payments.  There is no set percentage for a down payment, and there is no minimum monthly payment.  Also there is no maximum time line for when these payment plans have to be paid off, 

Once you have a payment plan set up we can send you a payment link on a prearranged date so you can make your payments.  

You can also make extra payments at any time. The best way to do this is either send us an email requesting a link, or making a direct payment here..

This page will let you put in any amount you wish to make.  Though I can usually figure out who's payment it belongs to, if you do not get a confirmation email from us, just sent us an email letting us know you made a payment :) 

If you want to set up a payment plan we allow them for any of our listings including our customs. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions.

We have had some questions on our Layaway Program and we would like to answer them here :) 


Q: Can I have my demon before my layaway is completed?

A: All payment plans must be completed in full before we send you your information and mail you your demon vessel. We do offer flexible payment plans and want to help you get your demons, but before we mail them to you the payment plan must be completed. Thank you!

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