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Pre-Bound Visitation Policy

We are going to be updating the visiting policy for the pre-bound demons because there have been some confusion and we want to clarify things.  I take what I do very seriously and my job here is to ensure the protection of the forum members, clients and also the demons that I bring forward.  I think laying out boundaries will make this easier for everyone and make sure we are all on the same page.  

All of our demons are conjured to make sure they have an understanding of basic human emotions and will be able to meet their human companion’s needs.  We are going to lay out the visiting policy which we hope will help everyone know what to expect from the visit.

1) If you feel a calling to a demon, then you are more then welcome to request a visit. 

a) Callings can be but are not limited to…

i) obsessively returning to the listing

ii) feeling drawn to a demon

iii) feeling a connection and a spark when reading the listings

iv) a feeling of knowing or wanting to know the demon better

v) an energy pull or feeling a tingling sensation when looking at the listing

b) If you would like to request a visit please…

i) send an email to 

ii) Include the demon listing name 

2) When you request a visit you will be given a visit time which will probably be that day.  

a) In your email you can request the best time for you on the day that you request the visit.  

b) Visits will be 1 hour long.  

c) We will email you the time your visit will take place.

***note*** If you request a specific time it must be on the day that you request a visit from them, and we will do our best to accommodate it.  

***note*** If the day does not work for you, you can request a visit on another day, but keep in mind other people can also request a visit and if the visit is too far out and a match is found, you might lose your visit.  

3) During your visiting time you can welcome the demon, try to talk with them, connect with them and get a feel for their overall energy.   

***note***You can make them a small offering, it does not have to be fancy, just light a candle for them and welcoming them to your home would be perfect.  You can meditate with them and invite them to join you in meditation and try to connect with them.  It is just an introduction.  

4) After your visit please email us any questions, experiences or impressions that you had. 

5). If there is more than one visit we will get back to you when the demon has finished all of their visits and as soon as we connect to the demon.  If you are the only visit we will be able to give you a reply  as soon as we connect to them.  

6) Any questions or comments please feel free to email us.  

There are things to keep in mind when the demons are on visits…. 

1) All demons are screened with safety in mind.  They also are screened to have an understanding of human emotions and knowledge. When they come on these visits it is from a place of observation and looking to see who the best match is.  Not all demons are going to be a good match,  some know who they want to go to prior to being listed and the listing is just to catch the attention of the one that they want to go with. If you are not selected it does not mean that you are not good enough, it means that that particular demon was a better match with someone else. 

Only one person will be selected, it does not mean those who were not selected are not good enough.   

2) When you are visiting the demon it is a visit, nothing is decided until we make the final call.  They will return and tell us and we usually know who it is based on the energy match between human and demon.  There are lots of factors that go into this and sometimes we know, and other times we don’t know right away.  Each visit is unique and different and we assess each visit individually.  It takes years to learn to read energies and until you hear from us, the demons will not tell you who they are going to.  

They will not be telling you who they are going with or that they are going with you, that is against policy. 

Our demons are screened to observe, they are screened to be able to reduce conflict, they are screened to understand emotional needs of humans and they are safe and they will not hurt you.  I screen them.  I have my Sons of Satan screen them and for the darker ones I even have Dark Lords check them for me.  In fact, the last one who we listed went through an amazing screening process where Satan even gave me his approval. So there are checks that go into this that you do not know about.  This demon even knows Satan and has worked with him before, but I really go to incredible lengths with my screening process.   Lord Satan allowed me at times to meet with different demon types so that I could conjure them and it always is a great honour to be able to.  The lengths that I go through to find these demons sometimes is crazy, lol.  

When you are a conjurer, because you conjure from certain locations you end up building connections with dark lords and demons and find demons who know each other. It is amazing how many of the demons and known dark lords that you work with. It is amazing how it is all interconnected.  It is very aligned. The more I have grown, the more connections I find between the Demons I conjure. Demons also know how to work together and will not threaten or attack another.  If one of your demons is threatening someone who is visiting, it is not one of our demons and you might want to check your shields and make sure that you don’t have something in your house.   We do not bring through demons who pose a risk and the more experience we have, the more streamlined and safe our conjuring process becomes.

If you feel that asking for a visit and not getting them is going to hurt you, then we would suggest going with a custom conjure. There are many amazing demons out there and the visiting process is not for everyone. For some people custom conjures are better.
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