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Demon Succubus - Custom
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Demon Succubus - Custom Summary

Demon Succubus - Custom

This Custom Conjure and it's content is created by the priestess's of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple. if you see these words listed on any other site it is a forgery.

Custom Demonic Succubus

Demonic Succubus

Each realm has being that embody a certain sexual prowess and are masters of sexual energy. Nymphs are an example of a being from the natural realms that embody sexuality. In the Demon Realms there are a species of Demon called Incubi and Succubi who are demons of sex, passion, pleasure, ecstasy and sexuality. They are demons of lust and desire, passion and pleasure they are incredible in their ability to please, though they are also powerful and gifted with the abilities of healing ones unbalanced sexual energy and also feeding upon it.

Succubi are the Female born demons of this species and they possess some rare and incredible abilities. They can enhance and stimulate ones sexual energies and bring people to the points of pure passion and ecstasy. Like we have to eat and drink, sexual energy is a food source to them and they need to engage in sexual activities or they will wither.  The sexual hunger is a very dangerous thing and leads to many of the rape cases that you read about from sexual beings.  This is why ALL S&S Succubi are screened to ensure that they have a source of sexual supply so that they do not become ravenous to their cravings.  Many are trained in credible sexual arts and can bring incredible pleasure to their human companions.  They also usually have other sets of unique skills that they can bring to the table.

Succubi also can be powerful foe and drain those of their sexual essence and feed off ones life force.  They are demons and as such have incredible abilities to defend and protect their human companion and go after their enemies and those who might seek to harm them.  


Demon Companions from Satan and Suns

Personal Demon Companions from Satan and Suns/Sons are powerful Outer Spiritual World, True Form, Demonic, Immortal, Living Entities which can greatly impact the life of their human Companions.

To one who is not use to having demons around, at first introductions they can find their energy a bit overwhelming but over time their energy can become pleasant and soothing to their human companion.
The Satan and Sons/Suns Priestess's spent their lives making powerful connections with the outer demonic realms to present these True Form Demon Nobility to connect and work with Human Companions.
We are Demonosophers here at Satan and Sons and have spent our lives walking with Demons and learning from them.

We caution you not to consider working with Demons Lightly.

Our Companions at Satan and Sons/Suns are very powerful and should be shown respect, and in no way are to be toyed with. All screened demons from Satan and Sons/Suns are safe because they are screened to make sure that they have altruistic motives for their human companion and can display a level of understanding of our world, but they must be treated with respect.
Treat your personal Demon Companion as you would like to be treated, do not order them around or be mean to them. They are to be respected!

Note*** Demons have a different set of morals that us humans. They are not evil. They will follow the will of their human companion. Most demons that we work with are actually very helpful and willing to work with their human companion. They have a certain cockiness to them, but that is just the nature of demons there is a lot of incredible discussions that can come from the different perspectives demons have.

We take special care to bind our Demons with Priestess's Akelta's ancient family ritual, which takes great care in crafting sacred energies to ensure quality bindings of the highest standard that is gentle and non constrictive for the demons.
These are called flexible bindings as they are an energy strand linking the demon to this plane that gives a focal point for their human companion to connect with them. They are not forced to be here, they choose to be here and they can move between this realm and their own realm at will. We will never offer a demon that is bound against there will.
This system for conjuring and binding takes many years to learn and even more to master. There are subtle nuances to each ritual which requires a great deal of commitment to learn.
We take special care when selecting Demons that they are willing to bound and take the time to get to know them and understand their unique qualities, personalities and skills. We have a strict criteria that we make sure is met with every demon that we bring through.
We spend a great deal of time with each Demons and once they are ready they are bound with an ancient ritual.
Each Demons binding rituals are customized to them and carefully crafted to work with their energies and their bindings are specially crafted and created just for them.

No two bindings are the same as each binding is as unique as the Demon.

All of our Demons at Satan and Sons/Suns are priced based of, time taken to uncover and work with them, screen them, learn about them, match them, as well as their experience and their ability to perform tasks and what they have shown themselves to be capable of.
They are all active, authentic and have been tested by us.
We are serious practitioners and True Demonosophers, we know just how serious working with demons needs to be taken and it is our life.
We never Photoshop our images so that you can get a true sense of the entity that you are acquiring.

We do not mass conjure our Spiritual Companions

All our spiritual companions sold at Satan and Sons are authentic and worked with by a Priestess of Demon Temple for a minimum of 1 month, Some have been worked with for multiple months, they have all had much one on one time with us, practicing and training until they are ready to find their human companions.

We have exclusive contracts with the realms that we conjure from and with our combined experience had put together a conjuring, binding and protection system that guarantees you are getting a genuine Demon Companion who is who they say they are. We are Demonsophers, we live, eat, breath and walk this path.
We have spent many years learning this sacred art. It takes years just to learn how to be able to sense and distinguish between the different types of Demonic Energies. There are many tricksters out there that will attempt to imitate Demonic beings, it is important for a practitioner to be able to distinguish the subtle nuances. We have walked with demons, they are our life and we know them.
We understand what it takes to conjure and bind and know the countless hours that is involved in conjuring authentic Demons, and crafting authentic quality flexible bindings. We are proud of our craft and proud to offer you the opportunity to work with genuine True Form Demons.

Demons Companions are exceptionally powerful spiritual companions and can help their keeper in many areas of their lives. Including;


~ Manifesting money
~ Managing businesses
~ Finding new ways to bring money to their companion
~ Helping their companion get a better job or start a business
~ Reveal hidden treasures or opportunities
~ Bring Money into their companion's possession
~ Surrounding their companion with abundance energies


~ Finding a soul mate
~ Manifesting the love that you have dreamed about
~ Finding that perfect special someone to share your life with
~ Embracing self love
~ Empowering yourself through self love
~ Learning to love yourself and fill your heart with love

Spiritual growth...

~ Spiritual and personal growth
~ Helping you master your spiritual talents
~ Astral projection
~ Lucid Dreaming
~ Spell Casting
~ Communication with the dead
~ Accessing the Akasha Archives


~ Shielding you or your loved ones from unfriendly spirits
~ Keeping bad people away from you
~ Protecting you home from intruders
~ Protecting your children and family from people who wish you harm
~ Shielding yourself from psychic attacks from other sorcerers


~ Target and get revenge on your enemies
~ Cast powerful black magic spells to make your enemies tremble with fear
~ Get back at all those who have wronged you
~ Teach you sacred arts of baneful magicks
~ Assist and empower your own baneful spells
~ Guide you into darkness to awaken and unlock your own incredible abilities


~ Astral projection and soul journeys
~ They can take you into realms you could not discover or enter alone
~ Claircognizance,
~ Intuition awakening
~ Precognition development,
~ Clairvoyance
~ Clairaudience


~ Awaken Sexual Desires
~ Explore and help their human understand their sexuality
~ Explore and embrace forbidden and ancient sexual techniques and practises
~ Knowledge in Sexual healing practises
~ Seduction and persuasion
~ Hypnotic Gaze and working with the energy of the eyes
~ Seductive longing gaze
~ Relaxation and pleasure techniques
~ Embracing self love and healing breath
~ Learning about self love and self appreciation
~ Working with and healing the sacral chakra
~ Awakening and embracing of the Divine Masculine
~ Awakening and embracing of the Divine Feminine
~ Finding energetic balance and empowerment

~ and so much more

All our Custom Demon Companions come with these special scrolls to help you connect with your demon companion.

1) The Demon Connecting Kit, a series of scrolls and rituals designed to help you connect and work with your Demon Companion

2) Your Demons Personal Sigil, all demons have a Sigil, it is their calling card and Lord Azazel has shared a method with priestess Akelta for acquiring each individual Demons Personal Sigil. Ever Demon Companions Purchased from Satan and Sons includes their personal Sigil.

If you are ready to have you life transformed by the incredible power of a Custom Demon Royalty, then please feel free to purchase you Custom Conjure today! If you have any questions, please contact us.

~ Priestess's of Satan and Sons/Suns ~ The Demon Temple

Please note our magickals, listings and words are written and created by the priestess's of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple, if you see them written anywhere else they are forgeries and not authentic magickals, demons or workings from the Temple.

Thank you so much to all our customs. You inspire us to serve and to create these wonderful magickals and offer these wonderful products and services.

None of this would happen without you and we are so very grateful.

We are Demonosophers. We walked this path before there was a common name for it. Our Senior Coven Priestesses have a combined 20+ years of Demon conjuring and casting experience using Demonic Magick. Demons are our passion, our way of life, and the core of our being. We walk daily with our lords and follow our path devoutly.

We work very hard to forge relationships with the Demonic for our own personal strength and advancement, as well as our love for the Demonic Divine, to live Demon Inspired lives and we pass that on to you.

We accept payment through paypal and are flexible with setting up payment plans. If something speaks to you and you would like to put together a plan, please feel free to contact us. Once your payment is received, You will receive an e--mail from us with the details of your order.

Thank you so much for shopping with us!

Shipping: All shipping is done on Thursday every week, though some orders take longer then others to process, please feel free to email us if you have any questions about your individual order.

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All products and services offered by SnS are strictly for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in lieu of legal, medical or financial advice, or any other advice or service that requires specific credentials, education, knowledge, expertise, and/or experience.

If you have or believe you have any medical conditions or symptoms, to include any and all medical and/or behavioral health conditions or concerns, seek medical assistance from a qualified healthcare provider immediately. All products and services sold by SnS are spiritual in nature and meant to align you with your spiritual path for empowerment. No products or services sold by SnS will miraculously heal the purchaser or fix all worldly problems. We do not claim to offer medical, legal, or financial advice or services, or any other service other than spiritual guidance. We highly advise that if you are in need of medical, financial or legal assistance you consult an appropriately licensed expert.

Our readings are a summary of the purchaser's spiritual energy. This summary is done from a purely spiritual perspective as perceived by the priestesses of SnS. Readings may indicate that a particular individual has a possible aptitude to succeed in one or more fields, or potentially has had such ability in the past. Any such reading does not guarantee success in such ventures. Additionally, a reading is not a substitute for the qualifications, knowledge, experience, accreditation, or educational requirements of that or any particular field; e.g. if a reading indicates that a person has an aptitude for law, the reading does not make that person an attorney or guarantee their success in pursuing, becoming, or practicing law, or any other endeavor. Likewise, a reading indicating that a person has been a doctor in a past life does not qualify and license that person as a doctor today. The two preceding statements are given as examples only. The same principles espoused above apply to any and all other fields and professions that require specific and specialized education, training, experience, and/or licensure/qualification. The purchaser assumes all liability and releases and holds harmless SnS, it's priestesses, and associates for the results of the purchaser's actions. All professions require proper education and licensing. Our products and services do not do that work for you.

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©Satan and Sons/Suns ~ The Demon Temple

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possesed person
I bilieve that what you call paranormal or spirits experts thies days are far a way from the reality of the spirit world,they are mixing between things they red (or took it from traditional or cultural foloklor recources or from fairy tailes )and the reality behind the nature of thies entities,it is hard to meet one real human expert in paranormal field thies days,what they doing here is just manupolating (twisting)thier statments according to the event story they already knew fromthier victims,thier is nothing new they could add to this field or to the story in thier explination, and they fail to identifay the nature of the entity or its motives,first of all thier is nothing called human spirit(remember my words carfully) this is the most horrible mistake all human experts fall in to, thats whay they cant explaine whay or how could thies spirit do such horrible actions and start giving rong judgments or going around to prove the human spirit theory(and they can say what they feel and no one can prove the oppisit becz no one can see or touch paranormal activity) and this will lead for sure for big failer to heal or to get red of this entity beside that the victim will suffer more till he realize that he is dealing with some thing more evil than just an angry human spirit,thier is no human spirit coming back or stick in our world or lost the way back to heaven,actualy it is demonic entity,as a human you cant explaine some thing you cant see or touch and from here the problems start with hundrets of theories and lots of explinations, in fact this entities is kind of earthly demon and its name is Jinn,jinn can be verry clever in specific limits and can emitate living or dead person it can read your mind and feed on your fear,the Jinn follow specific steps befor it attack or show it self they follow levels befor reaching the red line,Jinn is not pure devil, i mean it is not from the devil race maybe similar in some aspects but not the same in its reaction and symptoms, the western cultur use the word demon as a generalising evry entity comes from the satan ,,,,,so the demon could be devil or satanic entity but this is also rong way of seeing things,in the old samatic languages there is more explination like shaytan= satan, devil=Eblis also the devil have an older angelic name wich it Azazeel ,so demons should belong to the Jinn kind, jinn is not the devil though they match in some elemints they are like cousins ,jinn have also different tribes and forms,and each demon kind has its special haunting action , symptoms or effects ,influences changes according to the entity kind , thier is also the mixed race wich it is the result of pure satan mixed with pure jinn this kind could be agressive and evil as well,Jinn have kings and leaders like the stars ones ,but some earthly kind are lost alone and could try to inter the human dimension and could serve the devil policy of destroying the human race through magic or bad things or sicknes oe politics,many things humans do without knowledge could open this doors but with less knowledge about what we deeling with and with such egnorant paranormal experts and such lacking knowledge we would axpect more damage and less human effectivity against thies entities becz thies entitites using this situation to get stronger and more controll of its victims, actually i healed many cases from hard deseases like cancer or mantal problems or nervs illness and i found that thies demonic entitties was the reason, by using the right knowledge and the right wepon you can not just get red of the entity but also heal your body and soul, Jinn or Satanic entities can cause humans to bilieve what they want could also cause unreal events or dreams or create unreal reality ,and could play with your brain or cause you to do evil thing by controlling your thoughts specialy if this entity posses you, beside that we have few kinds of Jinn wich it lives among humans and could be sextualy motivated or more attached to humans emotions or cause specialy women sextual disorder,if you know the nature of the jinn you would understand whay im saying that,the jinn nature some how is low radiation waves of high or low electromignatic waves go through objects and bodies, paranormal experts and spiritual healers or gohst hunters should be verry carfull ,you could be hurted badly in different ways or possesed or mantaly influenced,it is long thema need alot of writing and discusions . Jinn or demons could in special circumstances take form of human for his own purposes In general Entities (demonic natur) not just can attracted to people with such nigative thoughts , mental illness, depression, etc but also they also could be the reason of humans nigative thoughts and mental illness. When human is sad or depressed he become more vulnerable to nigative dark forces( to access him) he becomes defenseless infront of thies entitites,the human being have some thing called Aura or the spiritual defense system,in severe sad situations or when he suffers from trauma this Aura system get weaker and unstable wich it could lead to demonic attraction,the human in this situation is easy victim,do you know whay ,,,, becz demonic entitites can smell your weakness and feel your spiritual system,demons are more likely need more energy to attack or posses strong and stable human rather than weaker human( feels down and weak) thats whay demon usually try to work on your well and your menal power befor attacking or haunting you,thier is some facts people dont know about thies entitites for example demonic entitites could live long time in your place waiting the right moment to appear or attack it will try to cause troubles , hate , agression and sadness and then if it succeed they next step will be to engage more and more into the human life till it reach to the copleat possession or destruction ZOZO One of the most famouse and evil demons exsisted since long time called ZOZO ZOZO is a high level satanic demon , ZOZO has been linked to murders and suicides throughout the world. He comes through Ouija sessions under many names and begins working on the mental stability of its users searching I think for vulnerable victims. Ouija is his door to you please be carfull,for any assist just ask the right experts you trust. Demonic sexual assault,how to avaoid and to heal All what i saw and red about Succubus and inccubus is nearly the same and each paranormal expert give us his theory without he can prove it or show his info recources,and most of what called demonoligst or psychic or meduims or healers dont know more than 10% of what they are talking about and thier explinations could make the situation more wors even . Pepole think that by coppying books written from anyone or just reading one artickle from the net about demons will make them experts,but they are doing fatal mistake by spreading this fals knowledge . Thier is nothing called sexuale demon (succubos,incubos) in the way humans understand it, actualy we have the major devil ( Azazeel or satan) the father of all devils wich you humans in the west call them demons(from demonay in the old latinic culture) call him what ever you want he have different names, so devils are actualy the kids of the satan spiritualy ,they put them selves under his authority and they serve him and his goals,but the jinn exsisted befor him.most of them followed the satan after the seperation between him and God and they become evil jinn and evil jinn is similar to demons(they turn to demonic entitites) in many ways,and both the devils and the evil jinn (demons) glorify the devil for he being rebellion against God,Jinn are the cuisines of the satan in blood (in thier nature) but the satan have also his own sons from his own blood,and also thier is the mixed race between the satan kids and the evil jinn race,all this creat different types of devils and demons with different skills,but from the pure jinn type you can find some bilievers ,some jinn could be christian or muslims or even jew,the biliever type of djinn are the best from the wors but still they are dangerouse if you miss with them or invite them they would hurt you, it depend how you deal with them,but they are still easier to get red of and they are not under the law of the satan and they have different kind of needs and motivations ,,,,,,,,,,so they need different way of cleansing. Going back to our subject,evry demonic entity (mixed kind or pure devil) could be seducer and could misuse your emotions or lust to attack his victims mantaly or sexualy . Devils could feel and smell human wishes , needs , thoughts , fear, or memories specialy if the person are lonly,weak,sad or unprotected spiritualy. Demons generaly go through stages or steps of possesion,it let you first go more deeper in to your lust or sadness or fear till you cant controll it, or it could appear as a sexy dreams if he want to posses you or controll your emotions or he might assault you in your dreams as in nightmares ,he might make it good in the bigining so you open your feelings more for it ,to enjoy it more to trust him more or to enjoy your emotions more so he will controll you more stronger mantaly and emotionaly and then break or controll your will, and this will make him more demanding and more possesive. The process well go through steps till he reach in the end to the compleat possession. demons or jinn cant just posses humans easly they need alot of energy to enter the human dimension or body so dont ignore the signes of early possession Humans in general cant know the differences so they dont take the symptoms seriously till they realise that thier is some thing realy rong but it could be too late,some times the entity could stay in the middle stage by causing just mantal or health damage if the person was fighting it with the right wepons but this also could be dangerouse becz in the long term it well under such stressand presure you are doing the job alone for him,thier is no basic low to follow ,you cant predict his steps or symptoms,demonic possesion symptoms could be similar to some mantal or psychological illnes thierfor this make it more hard to discover it earlier,also ,,evil entities have different ways of possesing or approaching,it depend on the motivation and the person mantal strength or habits,but in many cases we can see on the possesed person,nighmares,bruises,pain in head or scratches in the lower part,sadness, uncertaine feeling,not happy with partner,strong thoughts about sex,or bloody images,,,,, even cancer or hormonic sicknes can be caused by the evil entity (radiation nature) Im getting alot of massages around the world specially from the states about demonic symptoms. Most pepole are afraid to talk about it directly and try rong ways to solve it wich make it wors,possesed person should be strong and stable and seriouse about it. The war between humans and Evil is overlasting and it is winning. If you have any question what so ever about haunting or paranormal activity or if you want to be sure about some thing concerning this field you are all welcome to ask me i will be happy to answer your questions Forgive me for my bad English The white prince The white prince For now you can call me paranormal expert Im writing and sending this and other similar artickels to many sites to creat more awarness about this subject and to educate humans about the dangerouse effects of misunderstanding thies entitites All my artickels and researches belong to me and i own its rights not allowed to coppy or use in any way without my permesion
Review edit
My apologies for not having proof read the review. There isn't an edit feature. So, here are some important clarifications: It DOES take some time. And that's ok. There are some other things I would fix to make it flow better, but you get the idea. They really are great!
wonderful wonderful
Ilove them all demon incubus and succubus they are educational jewel of a man and woman all my love dear
"M" stands for Magical!
I am a very happy client of Akelta and her team. I have several companions in my life from S&S. But this review is for "M" - a Succubus. As with all of her conjures, Akelta takes the time to get to know the customer and their wants and needs. After doing so, she will go out and seek out the best candidates that are willing to come forward to work with you. They will then go through an interview process to ensure that the perfect companion finds the customer. It's a lot like a job interview process. Consequently, it doesn't take time. Then again, good things come to those who wait and you can't put a time limit on this level of work (at least to me). Be forewarned - these aren't weak spirits. They are, In fact, demons. So, this isn't for everyone. They deserve and demand your respect and kindness. But if you show them simple respect and kindness, treat them as your friends and family, you will have a lifetime of companionship. On the other hand, the succubi that Akelta works with aren't here to kill or drain you (at least for more than you want them to). They are "safe" in that regard. That being said, don't be stupid in how you treat them either. Remember that respect is a two way street. But show that to them and they will be there for you in sometimes surprisingly strong ways! "M" is amazing in how she comes through for me. Don't go into this expecting full body manifestations and complete physical sexual interaction. While that is possible, it certainly isn't probable. That being said, M is strong at manifesting. She is capable of showing me images, influencing feelings, heightening certain primal feelings, and even providing dreams which content is best left to your dirty imagination. Even before I received her scroll, M had made herself known to me through showing me her presence in my mind and letting me feel her energy. The scroll then served to confirm what I had already been shown. And I'm far from being the most psychically open person on the planet. In short, she's powerful, capable, and willing to assist me in sensing and feeling her energies. She's expressed herself as an amazing friend and lover. Really, what else could a guy ask for? Thank you to both M and the ladies of S&S for making this possible!!
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